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It is difficult to get a good history of the church as no official records were kept and those who were around when the local church first formed have long since passed away. The following is information gathered together.

'Though the Christians commonly called "Christian Brethren" or "Open Brethren", have maintained a Christian Witness and worshipped to God in the above chapel for 50 years, their historical record in the town goes back 86 years to the year 1877, when a certain Christian named Thomas Mcllroy, began evangelistic work in Consett.

1877 to 1892, gospel meetings and services were held in various rented premises and 1892 the Assembly (as it was then called), moved to an old Wesleyan Chapel. By the year 1912 the Assembly had grown numerically to 130 adults, and 300 scholars attending Sunday School, so that it became expedient to find a larger building to accommodate the gatherings, and in 1912 the old Primitive Methodist Chapel, situated at the bottom of Front Street, was taken over.' [Unknown Source from 1963]



The building was originally built for use as the new hall for the primitive Methodist from 1864 to 1913.

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